SDMvspecies is a software developed for creating virtual species in species distribution modelling (SDM) with ease and simplicity. SDMvspecies is implemented as a package in R language. In theory, SDMvspecies can be used in any platform that supports the R language. In our study, SDMvspecies was implemented and tested on Linux platforms. SDMvspecies requires the installation of raster package in R which will be used to handle raster maps used in SDM analyses. SDMvspecies allows all the raster formats available in the raster R-package.

Package installation

The SDMvspecies package is free and open source, and users can use the software free of charge and obtain the source code. SDMvspecies is under the GPL v2 license. The SDMvspecies software, manual, and sample data are available at the SDMvspecies website <>.

How to cite

Duan, R.-Y., Kong, X.-Q., Huang, M.-Y., Wu, G.-L. and Wang, Z.-G. (2015), SDMvspecies: a software for creating virtual species for species distribution modelling. Ecography, 38: 108–110. doi: 10.1111/ecog.01080